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Johanna successfully completed her undergraduate degree in Biology from  California  Polytechnic University at Pomona. Soon after, Johanna attended USC where she simultaneously attended two programs: Dental Hygiene and Master's of Craniofacial Biology. She presented in the International Association of Dental Research in San Diego in 2002. She also presented in Outstanding Research and Development at USC. Her latest contribution was a publication in Oral Microbiology and Immunology (December 2007, vol. 22 no. 6) She has been invited to be a member of a judiciary Board for Locally Derived antibiotics.

She was a clinical professor at USC and she has been a part of Dr. Joseph's team since August 2007. She has published studies focusing on periodontal diseases. Johanna is a strong believer that Dental Health is a cooperative effort between the patient oral health care regimen, the hygienist and dentist. She is a Clippers and USC Trojan fan.

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